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About Us
B&H was founded 30 years ago by Robert Beller. It began as a small roustabout company servicing the oil field industry.

Sixteen years ago the company began to make the transition from the oil field to directional drilling and utility installation.

The company has grown to over 175 employees. We also employ multiple subcontractors that field multiple crews to help meet our contractual obligations throughout region.
Our Track Record
For over 30 years our customers have relied on B&H Construction to provide reliable solutions to utility networking and excavation. We draw on decades of experience in project planning and efficient execution so your project will be completed on time and within budget. Our commitment to quality and safety has produced a long track record of success. 

B&H Construction is based in Goldsby Oklahoma, and is able to perform work all over the US. Feel free to contact us regarding any questions or comments about our company. We will also be happy to provide a bid or estimate for any upcoming Directional Drilling projects..

HomeAbout UsDrilling RigsMini Drill RigsGeothermalSafety 101Contact Us
CORE Training

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Norman, OK. 73072-9793

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